Reasons to Teach for LLLN:

1. Help Others
There is a lot of satisfaction in helping others who are interested in learning something new.

2. Varied Locations
You can choose a location that is convenient for you and has the type of setup and equipment  that you need.  

3. Onsite Technical Support
You aren't alone.  If needed, help is usually available to get your presentation up and running.  We have volunteers who will work with you.

4. Course Catalog lists Instructors
Be recognized as an instructor in the Course Catalog.

5. Promote Your Passion
Teaching something can make you better at it when you're forced to examine the process from the mindset of the beginner again. This is how Masters become Masters.  If you love something, then you'll know something about it. Enough to teach someone else about it. Go forth and teach what you love.

Course Proposal Form
The value of a LLLN membership is found in the talented instructors and facilitators who generously give of their time and energy to host programs across our three semesters. Our instructors include professionals from a variety of fields, retired faculty from universities around the country and those who have a lifelong interest in a subject and want to share their passion! Please consider teaching for us today!

What is the profile of a typical LLLN student?
LLLN students are mature, seasoned adults who are curious and motivated to learn. They attend courses because they want to and are willing to push the limits of their personal experience in learning something new.

Do I have to be an LLLN member to teach?
You don’t have to be an LLLN Member to teach, but membership does have its privileges! Joining LLLN for $50 a year gives you access to LLLN courses, excursions, free events, discounts to local businesses and more. 

What are the qualifications for instructors?
Anyone can teach or facilitate a class - you don't have to be a professor or teacher. If you have an interest, hobby, experience to share, or you want to facilitate a group discussion on a topic of common interest, you are a perfect candidate to teach a class.
Who determines the course tuition price for my course?
Members of the curriculum committee will work with you to determine the costs of materials, etc. for your class. There is an administrative fee of $5.00 charged per course. 

What are some of the topics taught in classes?
Our members enjoy the fact that LLLN offers a wide range of topics for study. The sky's the limit when it comes to subject matter. We've held classes in the following general categories: history, government, technology, finance, economics, art, religion, philosophy, psychology, science, technology, nature, environment, travel, health, fitness, skills, hobbies, home and garden, and writing. Let us know if you have any ideas!

What formats can be used to teach a class?
Our instructors have used many types of teaching. Learning can be done in the classroom  through lecture, group discussion, and/or hands-on demonstrations, or by leaving the classroom and having experiences in an outdoor environment.

I have a course to teach. What do I do?
WONDERFUL!! Please download the "Course Proposal Form" (see button on this page), complete it, and email it to the LLLN office: [email protected] The office staff will forward it to the curriculum committee. A member of the Curriculum Committee will contact you once they have received the completed form.

What can I expect as an LLLN instructor?
LLLN member volunteers will help you throughout the process. You will work closely with the Curriculum Committee volunteers to establish the class. You'll receive reminders and logistic support from the Office volunteers before the class. And a volunteer from the Class Host Committee will assist you with your class setup and will communicate with your class attendees during your class.