Be a "Friend of LLLN"
Your contribution will make a real difference….become a Friend of LLLN!
Friends of LLLN needs your  financial support. Your annual  membership  dues goes towards  LLLN’s  day-to-day operating expenses, but extra contributions from members and community sponsorships are still needed for the sustainability and expansion of this important focus.  Please become a Friend of LLLN with your tax-deductible donation.

LLLN  strives  to offer the best possible  learning  experience  at  the lowest possible cost.  Our goal is  to  touch every senior’s  life  in  the  Lakelands area with the joy of lifelong learning.  Just  look at  our  varied  course offerings, our excellent instructors and  the  enthusiasm of  our  members.  We  all  enjoy  attending  LLLN’s  wonderful classes and events  in  the  company of friends with similar interests in an enjoyable non stressful learning environment.

LLLN exists because of the generosity of its members. LLLN relies heavily on member volunteers who give freely of their time, talents and efforts on behalf of all members in so many areas;  serving on the Board of Directors, vital committees, resource groups, in the administrative operations of its office and in many other important capacities.

Friends  of  LLLN  meets  a  real  financial  need.  Friends  of  LLLN  donations  are designated  for  essential expenditures, such  as  printing,  outreach  expense  to  reach and  communicate  with  current  and new  members, important organizational  insurances  such  as  necessary  insurances  to  allow  member classes and excursions, member events and to support current and future programs directly associated with the enhancement of each member’s LLLN experience.  

If  you  appreciate  how  much  LLLN enriches your life, one  way  to  show  your appreciation is  to  join  us  in becoming a Friend of LLLN.  Please  make  a   tax deductible  donation  to  LLLN  now  by  sending  your check payable  to  "LLLN" ... or  you  may  include  your  donation  check  with your registration form when you sign up for your term classes.  LLLN  is  a  501(c)(3) organization; all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contributions to LLLN made in memory of family members or friends, or to honor someone special in your life or mark  a  special  occasion, are  always  suitable  and may be  made  at any time. In such cases, LLLN will send a  written note to the appropriate parties, acknowledging your honorarium contribution.  Another consideration is becoming  a part  of the Lakelands Lifelong Learning Legacy by remembering LLLN in planning your will or trust beneficiaries. This would prove to truly be a lasting Legacy.

All contributors’ names will be listed as Friends of LLLN in each LLLN semester brochure issue -- unless contributors prefer to remain anonymous. There are three categories of donors:

Council—aggregate contribution of $250 or more during the calendar year
Society—aggregate contribution of $100 and $249 during the calendar year
Circle—aggregate contribution between $50 and $99 during the calendar year