What We Do
We support the joy of learning.
Who are LLLN Members?
​LLLN is an inquiring and engaging community of Lakeland adults age 50 and above, who share an interest in exploring new and interesting areas of knowledge and experiences in courses that range from lectures and discussions to hands-on workshops and field trips.

We Are Not Alone
There are over 117 lifelong learning programs thriving across the country, working in partnership with more than 120,000 members. Our collective goal is to inform, challenge, amuse, stimulate, and intrigue through courses, excursions, special interest groups, and events. We provide unique opportunities to come together for learning.

  1. How do we operate?
    How do we operate?
    Lakelands Lifelong Learning Network is a non-profit, membership led organization. LLLN's income is comprised of membership and tuition fees, and proceeds from fundraising activities, donations, gifts and grants.
  2. What is our mission?
    What is our mission?
    LLLN's mission is to enrich the lives of its members by providing classes, field trips, cultural and social events in a broad scope of interest areas. Our motto is: “Learning never retires.”
  3. Who can join LLLN?
    Who can join LLLN?
    Most of our members are over 50, but we encourage attendance by any adult who wishes to be part of our community of learners.
  4. Our history
    Our history
    The story of lifelong learning in the Lakelands has been a vibrant one since the program began in January 2014! It is always growing and incorporating a mix of the traditions, inventive ideas, and exceptional people.
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